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After the storm….a thank you from the senator….

A month after the 2012 Hawaii General Election, Sen. Galuteria released his November newsletter on his government webpage. This month’s newsletter includes an announcement of the states new webpage to help people find public records more easily, and also a brief message of how the senate got to work right after the elections concluded. Also, there is a brief message from the senator himself, thanking all of his voters for their support through out the election. You can view the full newsletter by clicking here or visiting:


Senator Galuteria's monthly newsletter for the month of november.

Senator Galuteria’s monthly newsletter for the month of november.


Sen. Brickwood Galuteria answers questions from Civil Beat…

Logo for the Hawaii political news website.

Logo for the Hawaii political news website. (Photo courtesy of civilbeat.com)


The link above is a survey given to the senator by Civil Beat the local hawaii political website. The survey asks multiple questions about the senator’s position on various subjects as well as some background information on his life prior to politics. Some examples of the types of questions that were asked ¬†were his position on legalizing gambling in Hawaii¬†and raising the general excise tax. Click on the link for more.

September 2012 Legislative Update Newsletter

On his capitol webpage, Sen. Galuteria posts a newsletter every month with news on what is happening in the legislation and information on upcoming events. This is a great way for voters to stay on top of the activities of the legislation.

Attached is a link where you can read about everything that is going on in the senate through Sen. Galuteria’s monthly newsletter. To read the newsletter click here or visit