A Politician and a Showman…

 Former democratic party chair, Senator Galuteria sits with Governor Neil Abercrombie and President Barack Obama in Honolulu, 2008.

Former democratic party chair, Senator Galuteria sits with Governor Neil Abercrombie and President Barack Obama in Honolulu, 2008. (Photo Courtesy of midweek.com)

As we approach the date of the general election for the state of Hawaii, candidate, Senator Brickwood Galuteria is working diligently around the island trying to get the word out on his campaign and asking citizens for their vote.

Sen. Brickwood Galuteria is currently the representative for the 12th district of the City and County of Honolulu, which he was elected to in 2009. He is running for re-election of the same district this year and is heavily favored to win his race against opponent, republican Liz Larson.

Senator Galuteria is one of the more recognizable candidates in the election this year, due to his long career in Hawaii radio as an on air personality for stations such as KCCN 100 FM.

However, that does not mean that he has slacked when it comes to pounding the pavement to get the word out on his campaign. senator Galuteria has been a busy man spreading the word on his campaign, for example his trip to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

Politics at times can become a little bit redundant when it comes to the way things are done. There is one way to do things, and that’s how it should continue to be done. The senator  is a local hawaiian who has taken one of the more obscure paths to his career in politics.

Regardless of what you think, there is always more than one way to do things, and senator Galuteria found one more way to become a successful politician. It may have been an obscure path to some people, but he  is just fine with that.

Senator Brickwood Galuteria was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and was raised in the downtown community of Kakaako, which also happens to be one of the areas that the senator represents in his district.

Senator Galuteria graduated from Kamehameha schools and attended college at Pacific University for some time before dropping out of school to pursue his career in music.

After dropping out, senator Galuteria returned to the islands to chase his musical aspirations and  start his family of five children with his wife Abigail Lehua. Upon his return, senator began to play music for Hawaiian Airlines and would eventually become an account executive and tour director.

“I had to pursue my career a lot quicker than I intended,” said the senator  when talking about his college experience. “So I didn’t graduate from a college… I graduated from, I guess it’s the college of hard knocks”.

After a few years of working for Hawaiian Airlines and playing music, senator Galuteria left Hawaiian Airlines and was as he put it,  “a man in search of a gig”.

Senator  was then approached with an offer to entertain on the radio. Senator Galuteria had never worked in radio and had no previous knowledge of the workings of a radio station. However, he came in enthusiastic and willing to learn.

I guess you could say that he found his niche, he would go on to spend the next 26 years on the air. Senator Galuteria worked for local stations, KCCN FM and AM as well and 105 KINE before hanging up his headphones and pursuing his career in politics.

“It became my life’s work…radio”, said senator Galuteria, when talking about his career as an on-air personality. The term was also something he addressed in the interview as well, “We didn’t like the name DJ, we liked on-air personality,” as he chuckled in jest.

When speaking to the senator you can tell that he really is a people person, who enjoys interacting with different people and “talking story”. That characteristic is something that he learned in radio, carried over to his political career and has set him apart from his competitors.

“The human dynamics of being in show business, helped me in politics as well”, said the Senator when asked if some of the things he learned in his career in radio benefitted his career in politics.

Then Hawaii Democratic Party Chair, Sen. Galuteria reads off the results at Senator Daniel Inouye's campaign headquarters in 2004.

Then Hawaii Democratic Party Chair, Sen. Galuteria reads off the results at Senator Daniel Inouye’s campaign headquarters in 2004.

Senator Galuteria may not have done things the conventional way to get to where he is today, but he is still here nonetheless and the only thing that the senator wants is what most politicians in Hawaii want, what is best for the people of Hawaii.

Senator Galuteria has won the general election by claiming over 54% of the votes and will begin his second term as representative for the 12th district.


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